Everything but the kitchen sink…

It takes a village. Seriously. If I could, I’d have a whole squad behind me for everything. Diapers. Naps. Feeding. Playing. Feeding. Naps. More feeding…. More diapers. But, my village consists of me and the hubs. Not to mention twin boys that are almost 6… so this child is gonna be covered. Right? Rough around the edges? Absolutely. But, alive and taken care of.

I keep trying to replay life 5/6 years ago over and over in my head but memory fails me. I want to remember all of the things I did that made life somewhat easier. Now? Pshhh… it’s a breeze! But with an infant if you forget one thing, ONE THING, the world can crumble around you. “Did you remember the wipes?”, “NO! I thought you did” yadda yadda yadda…  I was that mom who had a big pad check list titled “DIAPER BAG ESSENTIALS”. Never even used the damn thing. But, once you get into your routine and you have all of your little compartments, it gets easier to pack for the day. It’s amazing at all the shit we carry around for another human, isn’t it?!

During my registering process I kept thinking about that damn diaper bag and all of its contents. What did I use? What was a waste of space? So, I’ve put together a nice little list for you, and for me. I have based this on the assumption that I will breastfeed this time around – so no pumps or bottles required. But, obviously, this is not an end all be all list! Need makeup, throw it in. Need more than just one bar, add the entire fridge if you’d like! When I would pack for the boys, I had to take bottles because I could not nurse. So I would take breast milk from the freezer and let it thaw in a small cooler. What ever works, right?!

diaper bag essentials

No. 1 – Baby Wrap – I ADORE every single thing about this company based in Australia. Their diaper covers, wraps and little clothes are to die for! It’s a good thing this baby is not a girl or I would be in some serious trouble with the hubs…

No. 2 – Baby Carrier

No. 3 – Disposable Nursing Pads – You don’t really want to take ones that you need to wash around with you all day. You’re going to have enough on your plate to worry about. These pads are biodegradable and won’t hang around in the dump for years to come… Just something to think about.

No. 4 – Nursing Cover/Scarf/Car Seat Cover – How versatile are things these days! And you can find these covers in all kinds of cute patterns to fit your style.

No. 5 – Toys – Sophie is a must.

No. 6 – Extra clothes for baby because, you know, blow outs. And not the I just got pampered by my hairstylist kind.

No. 7 – Soiled diaper baggies – These little bags were the BEST! And they’re biodegradable which is a win/win.

No. 8 – Diaper “clutch” – This little diaper bag also comes with a travel changing pad. Score! There is this one too that is just too adorable to be a diaper “clutch”

No. 9 – Diaper rash/Skin cream – Don’t leave home without it

No. 10 – Wipe Carrying Case – Nicer on the environment if you don’t keep buying those little 40 count wipe bags… Got it!?

No. 11 – Blanket – You never know when you’re cold, baby is colder than you, you want to stop at the park or just to have for other reason and this blanket is just too pretty to pass up.

No. 12 – Burp Cloths

No. 13 – Little bags to compartmentalize all that shit for yourself! Trust me, if your bag doesn’t have pockets say goodbye to your phone and keys because there is a black hole in that little bag of yours.

No. 14 – THE BAG – It’s essential for your sanity, baby’s sanity and everyone else’s around you that you actually keep yours and baby’s belongings in one nice, organized space. I love Matt&Nat. They are 100% vegan and this bag is just what I’m looking for. It has upright sides, a flat bottom, pockets, and enough space for everything you’ll need. I also found this one from Fawn Design that I could even see my hubs carrying. And this one from Sole Society. Who says you can’t have more than one! I plan on it because they can get down right nasty and you’ll want to change your look of course… Plus, all of these that I’ve mentioned will carry over into an actual mommy’s bag one day.

No. 15 – Water bottle, that is reusable, for yourself because breast feeding, or just taking care of kids in general, can deplete you of all hydration. And, once again, taking care of the Earth is a big important part of your everyday lives as well, right?!

No. 16 – Food for mama – These bars are my absolute favorite! I keep some on me at all times. They are good for you and delicious…

No. 17 – Lip balm – This lip balm is AWESOME! It moisturizes and colors your lips naturally. It’s really freaking great and I suggest you buy some.


What would you add, or take away? Tell me your thoughts! Everyone could use a little extra help 🙂

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