There are lots of trends moving around these days. From 70s fashion (hell yeah!) to mid century modern furniture to over the top loud color to black and white everything. I personally prefer the mid century furniture with a bohemian influence all while I wear my little t shirts and flare jeans… I was born in the wrong decade.

Yet, there is something so intriguing about the minimalism of black and white decor. I am kinda loving it actually and have created a little board for the nursery. Some of these pieces would go well in the guest bedroom as well! Who cares if they’re from the baby section…

nursery decor 2No. 1 Rocking Chair

No. 2 Round Fox Pillow

No. 3 Pouf

No. 4 Woven Wall Hanging

No. 5 Gold Arrow Side Table, and here

No. 6 Cloud Changing Pad Cover

No. 7 Lightning Crib Sheet

No. 8 Rain Mobile

No. 9 Floor Mat

No. 10 Crib

No. 11 Rug

No. 12 Basket/Hamper

No. 13 Dresser

No. 14 Tent , and here

There are tons of ideas out there from b/w animal prints to just plain text in a frame. Etsy has tons of little shops from crib bedding to art to tabletop decorations. I may have to come up with a vision board for the new guest/playroom.



lego party 4Oh man! It’s the LAST “hey let’s catch up on past birthday parties” post…! Can I get an AMEN!

Ah… the dreaded LEGO party. It’s one of those party themes that is bound to happen. Especially if you have two boys who love are obsessed with those tiny little pieces of plastic that hurt like hell every single time you step on one.

Putting my feelings aside, this party was pretty awesome. Great cake, food, kids everywhere and outdoor water festivities all equal up to one great day!lego party 1lego food tablelego party 2lego party 7*disclaimer* those little cups of yummy Jell-O were high up on a shelf because they were not meant for kids… No, little ones did not climb chairs to grab them. And yes, they were all gone by the end of the party because who doesn’t love an old fashioned Jell-O shot?!lego party 9lego party 19These cute little Lego masks were from Target’s party aisle. I bought a few packs and let the kids create their own characters.Lego bLego masksThe slip-n-slide was probably the best idea. It was hotter than Hell, no rain for days and we all needed a party 21Lego waterLego water 2My favorite little boys blowing out their candles. Doesn’t get much better than party 30For the cake table decorations, I covered boxes in your standard lego color wrapping paper. Stacked them on top of one another to create a Lego brick effect. I made kid friendly Jell-O and chocolate Lego men.

The welcome sign was a snap to put together. I took photos of some Lego people that the twins already had and used them for table/food decorations. I added the bottle to the bad cops hand in photoshop.

I created the birthday sign in photoshop and found the background and font for free online.

Once again Maddy’s Fattys bakery comes through for us with the cake (cupcakes were a bonus!). We love this bakery!

Party favors were those awesome, handy dandy buckets from Party City. I, again, used my Cricut to make the Lego faces and names with yellow vinyl. Inside the buckets were glow stick bracelets, bubbles and Lego men crayons purchased from here.

Any questions or comments please leave them below! I’d love to hear what you think:)